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Portable Pipe Cold Beveling Machines
The product is a very popular, versatile and powerful model. It is used mainly for boiler maintenance in shutdowns and turnarounds as well as new boiler vessel manufacturing. .

BOILER K Working Range 1.10" - 3.00" ID (28mm - 76 mm ID)
Pipe beveler BOILER STD in pneumatic version - perfect for boiler maintenance or prefab - due to its range/weight ratio and handling.
Electric version available or a conversion kit to easily change pneumatic to electric
Auto locking device available for time saving with repetitive work.
Range Model No. Type Weight
1.10" - 3.00" ID (28mm - 76 mm ID)
optional from .7874" ID (20 mm ID)
A04250/00 Pneumatic 18 lb
A04250E/00 Electric 20 lb
beveling, facing, counterboring
Materials Optional reduced shaft: Boiler K Auto Lock
any kind of steel

Locking Range

mm Æ o/d 1.10" - 3.00" ID (28mm - 76 mm ID) 1.10" - 3.00" ID (28mm - 76 mm ID)
Idle speed Rpm 110 75
Torque Nm 56 82
Feeding Stroke mm 40 40
Pneumatic motor power Hp (W) 0.7  
Air consumption cfm 34-36  
Air pressure psi 90  
Air hose connection inches 1/2"  
Electric motor power Watt - 800
Voltage Volt - 110/220
Frequency (cycles) Hz - 50
Max noise level dB 75 75
Unit Weight lbs 18 20
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