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Pipe alignment clamps and stands

GB FIT quick pipe welding and alignment clamps, range 1"-12" (34-320mm), OD mounting
are easy to handle and use. Allows accurate line up of pipe to pipe, elbow, flanges and
fittings in a few seconds.

GB CLAMP chain type pipe welding clamps for alignment and light work of pipes, range
6"-60" (160-1550mm), OD mounting for line up of pipe to pipe, elbow, flanges and fittings.

GB JACK pipe stands available with a max load up to 1,984 lbs (900 kg) each and maximum
pipe OD 24" (600mm). All available with adjustable height and choice of four different
interchangeable heads to meet any requirement.

Vee Head
GB Fit Flangia
GBC Clamp Elbow
SWH 350
GB Fit CUrva
GB Fit Cono
Steel Wheel
GGB Clamp Tee
Plastic Wheel
GB Clamp Flange
GB Jack
GB Clamp End
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