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Plate Cold Beveling Machines / Plate Beveling Machines

GBC plate beveling machines are available in different sizes according to plate thickness, suitable for on-site operations as well as factory daily production. All Plate Beveling Machine models are self propelled once positioned and engaged on the plate edge. Plate Beveling Machines can be equipped with hydraulic adjustable trolley for traveling along plates without use of any crane or lifting device. GBC CHALLENGE 12/15/15U/26/26U range 1/4" - 2" (6mm - 50mm) Variable bevel angle 22° to 55°, 100% silent operation, variable traveling speed. Hands free operation. GBC EDGE 46 range 5/16" - 2-3/8" (8mm-60mm) Variable bevel angle from 15° to 60°; high speed replaceable with indexable insert milling head; high grade machine finish, high material removal rate. Hands free operation.

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